I am a freelance photographer based in the North West of England. 

My photographic work spans from reportage to travel photography, to projects driven by my thoughts and ideas about the world I see around me.

The very first time I properly picked up a camera, I knew I'd found a tool for self-expression, a tool that would allow me catharsis of emotions and all the twisted, tangled ideas in the depths of my mind. I still shoot a lot of self-portraiture today, playing with concepts pertinent to my life: struggles with mental health, bereavement and grief, memory and identity, and a nagging feeling that somehow everything is disconnected in a way that only a camera can make sense of.

I have an inherent desire to connect with people, and as a result love to travel and explore new places to facilitate these interactions. My photographic practice is now increasingly driven by a desire and dedication to tell stories about all people and places. Visual narrative is important to me because it is accessible, and transcends boundaries. It is a brilliant tool for bridging divides and accessing understanding of our shared humanity. To tell a story is not only an opportunity for me to connect, but for others to read my images and open their hearts to so many of the wonderful people we share the planet with and the places they inhabit. 

I shoot weddings and portraits; please use the contact form to make requests.
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